Late last Friday in my mailbox was a USPS notification that I had certified mail from the IRS that could be picked the following day.  While that’s not the news I wanted to hear late Friday as I was going out to enjoy dinner, I tried hard to maintain composure. When I got home, I jumped online and researched everything I could about what a certified letter could possibly mean, checked the tracking ID and called my accountant. I gave myself about an hour of this nonsense until I decided enough was enough.  I know nothing and no sense worrying about it anymore. Thank goodness, I was able to let it go, enjoy the rest of my night and early waking hours with very little worry. I think to a few years back and how I would have allowed panic to set in and ruin a good night’s sleep.

Turns out, when I finally got the letter, it was duplicate confirmation of something that I had taken care of a few months ago.  So maybe the takeaway from this is just take a breath. I know nothing until I know something.